Soccer Philosophy

Soccer Philosophy


We believe that successful soccer teams and players make the best decisions at any given time. Our players take ownership and have the freedom to find creative solutions to the problems the game presents. We get enjoyment, pride and a sense of accomplishment by expressing ourselves as part of a team to overcome challenges. 

We always aim to win, but we do it playing on our terms, following the Richmond United philosophies, values and style of play. We believe that we can only be successful if every player fulfills his role to the best of his abilities at maximum effort.

Brave and courageous at all times, we take the initiative and exercise control over the ball and opponent through all phases of play.

When attacking, we always want to go forward and score as fast as possible while never losing control of the ball. We will play dynamic and decisive, not giving the opponent any time to rest. Our relentless effort to go forward will put the opponent on the back foot. 

When defending, we will control when and where the opponent has the ball while creating situations to win the ball back. We do this together and with passion. We take pride to win each individual battle and refuse to be second best.

We will dominate in transition moments by thinking ahead and reacting quicker than the opponent.

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