Individual Development Plans

Richmond United focuses on individual player development. As such, our philosophy on teaching players is centered on the individual player. We believe that through a holistic approach and active participation of our players in the development process, we will create players who take pride and ownership in achieving their goals. 

All players will develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with the help of their coach. In the IDP, the player will clearly state his dream goal, his personal development objectives (areas he wants to focus on to improve) and specify when, where and what he will do to improve them. Coaches will meet with every player multiple times throughout the season to discuss and guide the IDP process.

In the U13, U14, and U15 age groups, parents are asked to sit in on the conversation to observe and listen so they can help the player at home with his plan. Further communication between players and coach will be held throughout the season, e.g. at practices or on away trips.

Certain practices during the season will be solely based on improving the individual development objectives of the players.  For example, a practice exercise might be set up where U15-19 players will be split up in three groups. Players in Group 1 have the objective to improve crossing on their IDP. Group 2 will improve their ability to defend crosses while group 3 will improve their ability to finish crosses.  


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