2017-2018: Inaugural Boys ECNL Season
The inaugural Boys ECNL season, August 2017 to July 2018, included 57 of the top boys soccer clubs throughout the country, with more than 9,000 players participating in Boys ECNL competition in the U14, U15, U16, U17 and U18/U19 age groups.  The first season featured three National Events held in Florida, California and Pennsylvania.  The Boys ECNL participated in the Elite National Premier League (ENPL) Post Season, which is run by US Club Soccer.  The Playoffs held in San Diego, CA (West) and Boston, MA (East) and the Finals held in Colorado.  Four out of the five ENPL National Champions were Boys ECNL teams. 

2018-2019: Boys ECNL Season
In it’s second season, 2018-19, the Boys ECNL saw several changes. The Boys ECNL added fourteen of the top boys clubs from around the country, bringing the total number of ECNL member clubs to 71. Each of the 71 member clubs had a Boys ECNL team in the U14 through U18/U19 age groups.  The Boys ECNL offered four National Events: Oklahoma, Florida, California and Pennsylvania.  The ENPL Playoffs was held in Rockford, IL under the Elite National Premier League (ENPL), which is run by US Club Soccer, with the ENPL Finals being held in Colorado.  Seven of the ten teams participating in the ENPL Finals were Boy ECNL teams, four of which were crowned ENPL National Champions.  

2019-2020: ECNL Boys Season
The 2019-20 ECNL Boys season saw yet another growth spurt for the league, increasing to 90 total member clubs across eight conferences, including the formation of a brand new Northwest Conference.  Competition within the ECNL Boys also grew, including the Under-13 age group in official ECNL Boys league structure and launching the Conference Selection Program (CSP) and SuperCup player identification platforms.  The ECNL Boys was set to offer four National Events during the 2019-20 season: Las Vegas, Florida, Greer, and Pennsylvania.  Additionally, the league facilitated two National Events for the U13 & U14 ages, with the first built into its Last Vegas National Event and the second scheduled in Richmond, VA in early May 2020.  The ENPL Playoffs and Finals, both managed by US Club Soccer, were to be held at DICK’S Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado.  The season was suspended and eventually cancelled due to COVID-19. 

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