National League Atlantic Development Player EDP Conference

The U16 Richmond United team competes in the National League Atlantic Development Player EDP Conference because the Development Academy does not have a U16 age group. The league is made up of only clubs who have Development Academy teams at the U15 and U17 age groups. The U16 teams will consist of mostly the same players who competed for the previous year U15 DA teams and who most likely will be a part of the U17 DA Team the following year.

Due to US Soccer not running the U16 league itself, there are no US Soccer run Showcases for this age group. Instead, we will have the U16s compete in additional high-level regional Showcases, for example the Jefferson Cup, during the 2018/19 season.

A player registered with the Richmond United U16 team could have the opportunity to play on the U17 DA team. If the coaching staff determines that it would be beneficial for the individual development pathway of a U16 player to play up, he can be a part-time player and play up to 12 games with the U17 DA team without losing eligibility for his U16 team. 

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